Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is KMKDesignsllc clothing? Is it a company? local business?

A: KMKDesignsllc is a local business located in Stillwater MN. There we have a studio with ourselves, Kaitlyn and Sheridyn McClain, a mother daughter team, and a few other part time sewers. We specialize in alternative custom to order clothing and bridal gowns, which means the clothing is made when you order by us. We cater to all sizes, genders, and styles. We love working with traditional and alternative wedding styles. We also welcome all the of the LGBT community.

Q:Why should I care about buying local handmade clothing?

A:Buying locally and handmade means you are paying for an item that is made with quality labor and materials. It is supporting a local business that creates jobs locally. It is supporting an artist who is making a living creating beautiful things. It also means if you have any problems or questions you will be talking directly to us and no one else. Our goal is to make you happy with your purchase, and we can do that, by staying a small local company, with our hands in every part of the process. We also strive constantly to be as Eco-friendly as we can. We use all recycled shipping materials, we recycle and rather than throw away our fabric waste we donate them to other artists or local craft groups. We hope in the future to move onto more eco-friendly fabrics as well.

Q: How do I know what size I am?

A:We have a measuring and sizing page, located here that explains how to measure yourself and what you size is for each category of item.

(Click here for measurements page)

Q: Why are some of your items marked different for each size

A:We have found this is the best way to achieve a somewhat standard size without compromising fit. Our items whether they are a skirt or blouse fit the waist a bit different. Some we can build more ease into while still maintaining a good fit and comfort others we cannot. This means when you order something always check the sizing page. If you are large in a blouse it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a large in a skirt.

Q:Plus size orders? or Custom sizes?

A:We create clothing for anybody no matter, you size, gender or shape please feel to ask for any special sizing of customization so we can make sure that your clothing fits and feels great. All of our items can be made in our size 2X and above. Our 2X generally starts above a 45 inch waist.

Q:I’m worried about measuring myself for a custom order, I have a strange body type or a feature of my body that often makes fitting into clothing a challenge?

A: If you are worried about sizing please send us your full measurements with an order by e-mail or in comments at check out. If you are worried you will make a mistake feel free to contact us we can answer any questions. Also we often make sure there is some adjustability in ever garment we make that is an online only order, so if you are an inch off it won’t be a problem. If you are busty, have big hips, a long torso, or another feature of your body that you have noticed makes finding clothing a challenge, please include that information. Often we can send you instructions for additional measurements or we might ask for a picture, this helps us see the proportions we need to adjust our patterns for. Extra custom for sizing does not have an additional charge unless you are into our curvier sizing.

Q: Why do you charge more for plus size?

A: We love making clothing for all women, we believe that everyone, petite to plus deserves to feel beautiful. We make an effort to make our general sizes pretty generous. Since we don’t want to cut off to what size we can go to there is an additional charge for several reasons. There is an extra material cost. It takes a lot longer to make an item above our general sizing. Often curvier bodies can be harder to fit, what this means is that we take the time to get fit models, adjust and grade patterns .These things take more labor and add cost.

Q: Can I return an item for a refund?

A: For custom orders there are no refunds or returns, but we will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for and it is a perfect fit. Please measure carefully. If you measure incorrectly we can often adjust an item for free, but you must pay for shipping.

You can return a non custom item (Items that come in a size) and we will give you a full refund minus shipping, for something that is over $30, “not custom” within 14 days of us shipping it domestic and 60 days for international. You must notify that you would like to return it within 3 days after delivery at


Please visit our shipping information page

(Shipping Link)

Q:Do you do custom outfits and costumes?

Yes! Please visit our Custom Work Page

Q:Do you do Wholesale?

A:Yes we do. Please contact us at . Please include the items you are interested in, your shop name and address, and best way to contact you.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Q: Do you give further discounts?

A: Because we are a handmade business our labor costs are a lot higher since we don’t out source to countries that pay a much lower minimum wage. Fabrics we buy are also of high quality as is our construction. For these reasons we are unable to give further discounts. do sometimes have holiday sales you can keep track via our facebook page.
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If you are purchasing for a large wedding party we can often offer free shipping. Please contact us for more info.

Q: Do you do payment plans? Or down payments?

A: Yes we do! We generally ask for either 2 payments where you would but 40% down with the 60% due before it ships after it is completed, or you can do 5 payments put 20% down. You must pay off your item before we ship it.

Q:Can I find your items in any stores?

A: We are happy to say you can now find our clothing at these following locations

Photo From Wells and Verne!
Wells and Verne

8315 Southeast 13th Avenue

Portland OR 97202

(503) 893-4968

For anything else we are very quick to respond and easy to talk to we love all questions! Please visit our Contact Us Link or e-mail us at We also love custom orders, if you have a rush for something let us know and we will see if we can get it done in time for you. Thanks for stopping by^-^

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